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All things related to Javascript, React, Angular, Nodejs and other js frameworks.

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Apollo Universal Starter Kit for Web & Mobile Apps

Apollo Universal Starter Kit for Web & Mobile Apps

Javascript/General · April 1, 2019 at 6:51am

Apollo Universal Starter Kit for Web & Mobile Apps

Javascript / General · April 1, 2019 at 6:51am (Edited 8 months ago)
apollo universal starter kit

Just found this project and looks very interesting, especially that there is no Meteor.js (sorry meteor).

Apollo Universal Starter Kit is an SEO-friendly, fully-configured, modular starter application that helps developers to streamline web, server, and mobile development with cutting-edge technologies and ultimate code reuse.
git clone -b stable
cd apollo-universal-starter-kit
yarn && yarn seed && yarn watch

What caught my attention also are UI ToolKits, and it's have ANT, which is great.


Ready to use modules

apollo started kit modukes

Why Use Apollo Universal Starter Kit

I am a Developer
  • Better productivity thanks to live reload and (partial) hot code reload
  • A fractal modular application architecture that's easy to support and extend
  • The possibility to create modules in TypeScript and JavaScript at the same time
  • No need to develop typical features for your applications
  • Zero project configuration thanks to SpinJS
I am a Project Manager
  • Your application will work faster thanks to GraphQL
  • Your team will be able to reuse the code for all the platforms
  • Your team can create client, server, and mobile JavaScript applications
  • Your application will be easier to support and evolve thanks to the fractal modular architecture
  • Your application will be based on a widely-used JavaScript ecosystem (it's easy to find JS developers)
  • Your team can develop new features straightaway instead of creating the basic features
  • Your application will be integrated with Stripe, one of the top payment processors


Overall looks interesting. What you think ?

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