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Soundcloud App Redesign & Branding

Soundcloud App Redesign & Branding

UI/UX 💩 / General · July 8, 2019 at 5:05am

The Soundcloud app hasn't had any good visual overhaul in ages; and design trends are changing and Soundcloud is a little behind on the bandwagon... so I've taken it upon myself to do the lifting for them with this redesign that focuses on bringing more familiarity to the UX in comparison with other apps.

I've found Soundcloud to be by far the most confusing music app to navigate, and compared to most music platforms I think it could be better.

I've tweaked the logo ever-so-slightly to feel newer, and I've given it a new color palette and a more geometric font.

So enjoy and please leave feedback, every little bit helps!

Artboard – 6.png
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