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Podcast Growth Hack: Huge Exposure + Amazing Links 🎧

Podcast Growth Hack: Huge Exposure + Amazing Links 🎧

Growth Hackers/General · March 20, 2019 at 1:22pm

Podcast Growth Hack: Huge Exposure + Amazing Links 🎧

Growth Hackers / General · March 20, 2019 at 1:22pm

One of my favorite SEO guys Ryan Stewart is sharing how you can use Podcast to get huge exposure and lot of strong relevant backlinks.

ryan podcast outreach strategy.jpg

Why get featured on podcasts?

  • A great way to increase exposure for your brand and/or product
  • They’re a great way to build high quality links for SEO
  • Fantastic networking tool to connect you with influencers in your industry

However, he says that getting featured on Podcasts is not easy and in order to do it, you need a good plan. Here is the Ryan's podcast outreach process.

Podcast outreach process:

  • Strategy – developing your outreach plan, identifying targets and writing your outreach pitches.
  • Prospecting – finding each podcast opportunity and recording it in a Google Sheets file.
  • Cleaning – reviewing the opportunities and cleaning to leave only the most relevant ones.
  • Pitching – sending the pitch emails to each opportunity.
  • Managing – playing project manager to respond to emails and ensure podcasts appointments get set.

Final words

As with most things, you won’t be successful overnight. Keep in mind that a lot of podcasters will say no if you don’t have a track record of appearances on other shows. Start by pitching smaller podcasts with less reach to build a track record before taking on the big guys.

Youtube Video

Here you can watch his video explaining step by step process of how to growth hack pdocast exposure.

And this is the link to original article

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