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Freebie UX/UI Medical Kit (DOC-R)

Freebie UX/UI Medical Kit (DOC-R)

UI/UX 💩 / Adobe XD · October 4, 2020 at 9:53am

You can use it for your personal and for commercial projects you can buy it in $5 from UI8 & Gumroad, but don't forget to appreciate if you like. check out this link!

About the Kit

Doc-R is a mobile UI app template that was designed for Doctor Visits, specially reminder for next meetup with doctor and my goals is to reach users have a flat and simple way to set a reminder and take medicine on time.

UI Kit is well-organized light/dark mode. It includes fully customizable components based that will accelerate your design process.

The Icon library were used as (Fontawesome Library). The font were used as (Adobe Fonts - Bio Sans). Don't forget to shows your love if you like.


Thank you

-Zulqurnain Haider

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