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New to community? Read this 🐶

New to community? Read this 🐶

UI/UX 💩 / General · March 22, 2019 at 4:14am (Edited 5 years ago)
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Hello fellow designers, 👋 welcome to UI/UX Community.

Hope that you gonna have good time here, share, learn and earn some value.

To get best from community we crafted short guidelines which will make this place better. Please read it below. 👇

Guidelines 📋:

  • Have proper setup of your profile, things like photo, bio, website
  • Say Hi and something about yourself in Watercooler which we use it for introduction and chit-chat
  • Feel free to create a new thread if you need help with something you are currently learning or working. Be descriptive and provide as much information you can, so other can help you better.
  • If you find something useful and think others can benefits, feel free to share it by creating new thread
  • Be helpful to others members by providing useful response and resources
  • Use this threads to report a bug you find or request new feature

To be continued ...


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