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UI/UX 💩/Tips · July 12, 2019 at 5:03pm


UI/UX 💩 / Tips · July 12, 2019 at 5:03pm

As the previous blog post said (read it on link to medium!! ), It’s important to have an online resume for oneself as a big industry or companies have their build websites; this blog can be easy to read a piece which can help evaluate any business website, apps or other online products. After all, it is a very competitive time for the digitized world and you should make sure the displayed websites, products are well easy to consume, interact with a good look.


UI/UX: UX designing refers to user experience, while UI designing refers to the user interface. Both are crucial to a website to attract traffic to it and usually work closely dependent on each other.

Following are the most common mistakes done while UI/UX design along with their solutions;


Too many fonts

Too many fonts create a jazzy look which is not soothing to an eye vision creates a bad impression on the visitors making it look confusing and very heavy and may it happen when visitors will not return to website again Solution: use a maximum of 2 fonts on your website it can be one for headings and other for the information to be displayed

Small fonts

If you make your visitors zoom your website to look through the contents, that count for mobile applications too, that will cause a huge mistake making visitors go back and never visit your app/webpage again.


Bad letter spacing

Be careful while resizing your text, sometimes you need to adjust the letter spacing. Eyes tend to group things that are close to each other and see them one. Solution: it is necessary to give proper letter spacing and form a nice group of words, which are easy to read.


Too much font

Give a child a storybook and a study book with no pictures to choose between-A child will a book with pictures(a storybook), It’s a normal human tendency to respond better to images Your webpage/website is information about you don’t make it boring for the people visiting it just like old history books with no images in it. Solution: try to include clean images; it attracts the visitors and your website will change its look completely and will be as pleasant as never before


Hard to read text

Text that overlapping images are usually very difficult to read. All the images cannot be side by side the text some text can overlap the images and henceforth it is necessary that all the text are visible and the visitor should not take much effort to read it Solution: add an overlay to the images.


Too many colors in font

Again the jazzy look of fonts with too many colors never looks good take the example given below and decide yourself ;)


Bad color combinations/contrast

Background color and foreground color go hand in hand. There should be color contrast between both of them. Finding difficult to choose various color combinations. Here are a few links that will help you Colorspace Coolors.co

Not aligned elements

Placing of the components in the appropriate position is a must for any webpage and hence its alignment is important. Place the components in proper positions, scattered components and elements can cause visitors to never come back to your site as it is very confusing

Mis-designed components

Components must be in proper proportion and when its usability is correct Try designing components that can are well designed Solution: you can use these ready-made components if you are using adobe-xd for designing.

No interaction of clickable items

Change the cursor or background or do something that will make it look interactive of buttons and links to be redirected to the other page on hover-GOOD UX. Use micro interactions to interact with the user. A small animation of .2 .3 secs can add a great value to the product.

Loading speed very low

Research tells nearly half of webpage visitors to expect a website to load within two seconds or even less than it, and they tend to leave a site if it takes more than time to load. This may not sound like a big deal, but 78% of online shoppers who experience issues with website performance say they won’t go to the site to buy again, and 44% would tell their friends about that poor experience. When you consider that research also shows a one-second delay in page load time can contribute to a 7% reduction in conversion rates — you’re not only losing money but potential customers. If your business earns $10,000 a day, a single second delay in your load time could cost you $250,000 a year. Solution:compress your images size you can use this to reduce the size of image your web hosting company and server that is chosen plays a major role and creates a great impact on the speed of the webpage loading, choose wisely add fewer plugins in your website it can ease the development of website without much technical knowledge but it can increase the loading time website Follow the recommendations from the Pagespeed Insights tool, and then re-test your speed. The sooner you can make improvements, the better for your customers and your bottom line.

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