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Hilarious Upwork Jobs 🤣

Hilarious Upwork Jobs 🤣

Vanila / General · April 6, 2019 at 4:43am

I can't stop laughing right now. Was going through Upwork to see if there are some interesting work/projects and I found this funny job posting.

So i decided to create this thread where we all can share funny / hilarious Upwork jobs. Feel free to share some laugh with others, so you can make our day more productive 😁.

Here is the first one. Wait for it ...

Site/app traffic

upwork funny job posts
Hi, I am launching a new site/app I need 1Million visits to my site in a months time:
1. must be real people (no bots)
2. Preferably USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc
3. google ad friendly Thanks

Budget: $200

This guy know what he is looking for. Basically what he want to get is 1 million visitors, which are of course the real one, no bots and shits, to be from top tier countries (USA, UK, CA, AUS) and to be google friendly.

Honestly, I would pay $300, if someone can deliver it 🤪. Kidding ..

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June 11, 2019 at 1:57pm

big footballs, he meant.

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