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Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #2

Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #2

Startup SpaceΒ /Β GeneralΒ Β·Β January 20, 2022 at 4:12pm (Edited 2 years ago)

Hello people πŸ‘‹, how is your week? Hope you did at least half of what you wanted.

Last week I introduced my new project called which discovers upcoming NFT's, currently on Solana blockchain only. In the near future, It will also offer a set of tools based on analyzing the various data source to help people in the NFT space make better decisions when minting or trading.

The initial version of Moonly was built using no-code tools like which collected a bunch of data, Webflow to put a website together, and Integromat, to automate some processes. Of course, there is a lot of manual work involved done by me and my VA (virtual assistant) Nikola.

As I write, Moonly is getting rebuilt from the scratch using tech like Next.js, Express, GraphQL, etc. We are building custom solutions because of more flexibility and scalability. For example, Webflow has a very annoying limit of 10k items in the CMS database, and a lot of people complain about it for years, but they don't listen. To be honest, that is one of the main reasons I decided to build a custom solution from scratch, but ofc there are other reasons which I will talk about in the next update.

In the last 7-8 days we did:

  • Designed UI for NFT details page with all kinds of metrics
  • Converted Ui to a Next.js frontend
  • Built backend and database structure
  • Started connecting with external data sources and API's
  • Started building administration panel
  • Added 200+ NFT projects
  • Moonly generated ~1600 visitors in the last 7 days Needed to exclude Direct traffic, because there is a bunch of bot attack there.

We are also preparing our own NFT, but more on that when we have some progress updates.

Currently, the team consists of:

  • Two developers, one backend/DevOps, and another full-stack
  • One virtual Assistant
  • Writer
  • UI Designer & Webflow developer (my wife Jelena)
  • UI/UX designer (me)
  • Growth hacker (me)
  • Pixel Art designer for NFT
  • Everything else of course me, since I need to glue, manage and decide on most of the things.

Last week I shared the top 30 Solana NFT projects by volume. Today I am sharing the next 30 projects also by volume.

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