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Moonly weekly progress update #27

Moonly weekly progress update #27

Startup Space / General · December 13, 2022 at 3:54pm

Here I recorded a video and talking in details about what we did in the previous week, and where we are going and what this will mean for Moonly.

Frame 1 (1).png

I highly suggest watching this video: (btw when I say beer 🍺 , I mean bear 🐻 lol ^^). Btw video have chapters, so you can skip directly to the parts you are interested.

Weekly Moonly progress

-Improving and reorganizing the whole database -Portfolio tracker development-integrating the new logic of calculating data -Improving the RPC-proxy: Make RPC-proxy compatible with Solana/web3 package -Created our own image proxy service; NFT images from the moonly server are now reduced and optimized -Added testing suite for testing all the marketplace data on live-feed -Newly added Hyperspace parsing Logic and unit test on live-feed -Newly added Hadeswap parsing Logic and unit test live-feed -Added ExchangeArt parsing logic live-feed -Added Tensor parsing logic and unit test live-feed -Added New Marketplaces in the Live-Feed sidebar filter -Marketplaces will be available in a volume chart -Added logger for blockchain events for internal debugging -Fixed a bug related to showing failed Tx in the live feed -Now we are showing events from newly added marketplaces in Live Feed -Minor UI changes -Working on a locking system for the staking feature -Added Market Cap in the Market Stats table. -Added % listed column in the market table. -Improved the small charts in the market stats table, so to reflect the 7-day FP trend. If the FP % is down, the chart will be red or green if it's up. -Added live-feed widget on the homepage, so new visitors can discover it easily -Added a cool shiny effect on the Featured projects box to attract more views and clicks. -We started working on the Token creation tool Started working on Staking as a service, so not just we gonna have our locking/staking for Moonly, but other projects will be able to create their own staking and apply token rewards. Constantly improving and exploring different aspects of application. To mention that we defined Twitter Growth Strategy, which we started applying the last week. There were a lot of small bugs and small fixes which needed to be solved, and they are not worth mentioning here since its very technical.

Our next big goals for the near future are:

Portfolio tracker Staking as a service Discord bot and tools for projects Expand to other chains. ETH, APTOS, etc. And something really big, which I will not discuss until we deliver the above-mentioned features.

Latest posts from our blog:

Upcoming NFT projects:

Minted NFT projects worth mentioning:

December 21, 2022 at 9:17am

Moonly weekly progress update #28

Another week went by at the speed of light, and a lot of technical things were completed. These are obstacles that we have to overcome to achieve the features and be closer to our goal!

Each one of these features is starting to get its final shape and we are very excited to share them with you guys very soon!

"It doesn't matter how fast you go as long as you do not stop!"

Weekly devs progress:

-Resolved download NFT image PR issue -Progress on Holder verification page UI on moonly-bot -Finished coding skeleton loader for live events (not deployed) -Homepage loader improved (not deployed) -Expanded monitor table to 200 rows (not deployed) -Deployed and reviewed token metadata scraper on the test server -Deployed frontend/backend implementation for portfolio tracker -Introduced buyer, and seller fields in the Transaction table -Finished layout for latest blog section (not deployed) -Designed loader for latest blog section and implemented it (not deployed) -Modified getUserProfile API -Modified Portfolio API -Add new API for mint address from big-DB -Integrated these APIs on the front-end -Produced a working copy of the server-side signing -Fix the user login issue -Modified design for the transaction table -Added pagination for the transaction table -Implemented detection of PlaceOffer/CancelOffer events -Multiple minor fixes to the token tracker -Changed the scrollbar on all existing components for Firefox

Staking as a Service: -Writing API for transaction data on the backend -Updated Smart Contract to check server signature -Added trait item function -Re-factored the program initialization -Implementing UI for staking administrator

Upcoming NFT drops pages

Here you can find everything you need about upcoming NFT drops for different blockchains. Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Near, and Aptos upcoming NFT projects to mint. All data that you need is shown on this page like the mint price, supply, mint date, and social stats. But if you want to see more about some projects and dive deeper into them you can click on each project and check many different stats about it that can help you to make a better decision!

Also, we recommend you check out some upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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    December 23, 2022 at 5:25pm

    NFTslangs - The Ultimate NFT Slangs Dictionary

    Hey guys, I wanted to share one recent side project me and my crew made. It’s called, and it’s just a database with all crypto/NFT slang or words, that people use in this space.

    I built this for a few reasons. One is, when I dived into the NFT space last year, there were a lot of terms I couldn’t understand. What the heck means “paper hand” or “rug” and so on?

    So I decided to create this database that collects most of those words, which can help newbies in the space communicate and understand better.

    Another reason, I decided to build NFTslangs, is that we are already developing for around a year, and it’s going to be a great addon to other Moonly tools which we already provide out there.

    Here are some of the most popular slang words used in NFT space:

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      December 27, 2022 at 1:54pm

      Moonly weekly progress update #29

      Happy holidays everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas feasts and had a good rest!

      Weekly devs progress:

      • Implemented live-feed-worker
      • Resolve the ESM module issue
      • Implement auto job removal from Bullmq on live-feed producer
      • Separated API from token-tracker scraper
      • Removed tokens from collections to rescan
      • Bullmq, Redis, and Postgres optimizations research
      • Solving JSON metadata 400 bad request issue
      • Finished UI for SOL/USDT and TPS
      • Completed the holder verification UX
      • Resolved next config issue of nx
      • Worked on making fresh data a priority throughout the app

      Staking (Locking):

      • Created UI for Token Creation
      • Created metadata and image upload function
      • Fixed an issue related to the staking-service app
      • Added Codegen for Graphql
      • Created Token Creation Resolver for putting entries in our DB
      • Added validation and Error handling for token creation form
      • Added the stake creation function with UI
      • Merged the staging server into feat/stake and resolved the conflict
      • Select Token Field added in Stake Creation

      We are going to release a points-based system, and holders who lock/stake their NFT will get the points every day or week (depending on the frequency we decide), and those points will be used for valuable Raffles which we going to have every week or so, but also on the marketplace/merch which will come later.

      Our NFT metadata will be modified and we will add one more field called points/credits (still to decide), which will be frequently updated. The NFTs that have more points under their metadata, will be of course more valuable.

      Staking as a Service tool will give other founders the ability to create their own Token and Staking system, without hiring a developer or writing a single line of code.

      We are still deciding whether we should wait and release the whole thing with points-based locking/staking, or release SaaS first (Staking as a Service). Staking will be non-custodial!

      Portfolio Tracker:

      • Debugging and optimizing Portfolio Tracker
      • Restructuring PT for performance
      • Experiments for increasing token-tracker performance (testing)

      Upcoming projects to mint:

      Projects worth mentioning:

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        January 3, 2023 at 2:40pm

        Moonly weekly progress update #30 Happy New Year to everyone, God bless you all! I hope you had a nice New Year’s Eve, with your loved ones and in the circle of your family. I wish you lots of health, happiness, and love!

        Weekly devs progress:

        • Write a script to simplify the new tx parser testing
        • Finished pagination in monitor table (not deployed)
        • Fixed meta tags
        • Fixed titles in images
        • Finished skeleton UI for NFT cards
        • Investigating parser improvement
        • Fixing the metadata-scraper issue
        • Researched options to decrease the Big Database disk space consumption
        • Resolved deployment problems on moonlydev
        • Researched the possibility to compress data in the Big DB
        • Design the flow of the holder verification feature
        • Design DB schema for verification settings in Bot DB
        • Wrote API on moonly-API for trait list of collection
        • Wrote resolvers in Moonly-bot for discord roles and traits
        • Added validation on frontend forms to not accept input without https:// protocol
        • Integrated Discord role API
        • Modified trait API and integrated it into the front-end
        • Integrated verification setting API
        • Modified different logic to display these data correctly

        Staking (Locking):

        • Finished Stake Creation
        • Implemented Collection Update Functionality
        • Added admin functions in the admin area
        • Fixed metadata storage issue, it’s showing up well in the wallet
        • Investigated wallet issues and improved anchor program code flow
        • Implemented Collection Owner Validation in Smart Contract

        Portfolio Tracker:

        • Cleaned up and restructured the token-tracker package
        • Started scraping Token Transactions IDs on scale
        • Deployed live-feed-worker and tokens metadata scrapers on production
        • Investigated tokens metadata scrapers operation
        • Designed workflow for the on-demand Transaction Logs
        • Reviewed & merged fixes to identify more transactions types
        • Merged serving token metadata from the uploads folder
        • Reviewed and merged the separation of the token tracker API into the token tracker

        Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

        Minted projects worth mentioning:

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          January 10, 2023 at 1:24pm

          Moonly weekly progress update #31

          Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great!

          Despite the holidays, many technical things have been completed, which are very important for us in this final phase. All the pieces are slowly coming together and we are very excited for the days ahead!

          Weekly devs progress:

          • Wrote save verification setting API
          • Integrated API to create verification setting
          • Wrote save verification rule API
          • Added logic to get guildList during discord linking on Moonly
          • Researched ways to optimize disk space
          • Wrote API to match the user’s guild with the admin’s pre-defined guild and connect it with Moonly
          • Wrote API to get block-chain metadata of NFTItem that related to the user and specific collection
          • Integrated that API on moonly-bot
          • Wrote logic to assign discord roles to users that fulfilled the admin’s rule
          • Designed architecture to update the holder’s discord role
          • Designed DB schema to track the holder’s role
          • Wrote logic to check the holder’s role and NFT periodically
          • Fixed the CLS jump on live events for all pages
          • Fixed CSS issue on live event’s bottom divs
          • Fixed ‘profile with no NFT in his wallet’ issue
          Staking (Locking):
          • Created Access controller for validating “Collection authority”
          • Added ‘Collection authority check’ in “Collection owner access control”
          • Updated frontend code for SC changes
          • Upgraded anchor client library
          • Added Recoil for storing data
          • Added UI and connected API for initializing “global state”
          • Fixed issue with SC and ‘Collection Remove’
          • Added Token Deposit for a collection function and UI
          • Added Token Withdraw function
          • Added a generalized UI for “boost over time”
          • Fixed Smart-Contract collection address related issues when staking
          • Fixed Staking function in the frontend and better error handling
          • Fixed Withdraw function frontend
          • Fixed a broken API from the metadata library

          Very interesting things are happening with Bonk Token, we wrote a small post about it:

          Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

          Minted projects worth mentioning:

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            January 17, 2023 at 2:45pm

            Moonly weekly progress update #32

            As you all know we are currently in the testing phase. Buckle up and be patient just a little longer, because soon enough you will have the chance to test it yourself!

            Weekly devs progress:

            • Added loading parameters to next/dynamic imports
            • Fixed hovering issue on NFT cards
            • Modified cron job to check rules
            • Modified DB schema for holder verification on Bot DB
            • Handled newly added verification rule
            • Fixed NFT page viewpoint bug and implemented new functionality and logic
            • Finished upcoming page changes (descriptions)
            • Improved wallet checker
            • Started working on metadata scraping during token creation
            • Excluded markdown in NFT description and fixed the fonts
            • Fixed ‘Internal server issue’ on holder-verification
            • Made DB schema changes and implemented holder notification feature

            Staking (Locking):

            • Solved asset image not loading issue
            • Fetch the data of the token from the collection and show it on the NFT card
            • Fixed Staking related issue
            • Improved data fetching on the staking page
            • Created “Claim Reward” function and UI
            • Show claimable reward in NFT-Card
            • Rewrite staking-apps state management with recoil
            • Improved “Error Showing” to the user
            • Added Extra Claim Reward Button (Now the user will be able to claim the reward while staking and also when withdrawing (automatically))
            • Added functionality for handling server-side error
            • Testing Staking and Token Creation
            • Implemented “Collecting Metadata” for the new token and tested

            Portfolio Tracker:

            • Improved performance of TX logs upload
            • Made backup of transaction table from BigDB
            • Updated structure, compressed the whole table
            • Made a new type of backup for the BigDB
            • Stashed backups on the main disk
            • Fixed issues with PT stats
            • Database structure cleanup on PT
            • Running utility to link transactions

            Check out our latest blog post: 7 Ways to Make Money in Crypto and Web 3.0


            Upcoming NFT projects to mint:






            Minted projects worth mentioning:





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              January 24, 2023 at 6:53pm

              Moonly weekly progress update #33

              A very busy and productive week and a lot of UI/UX and SEO changes. We tried to focus on changing things on our app that will speed it up significantly. The user interface on some pages changed on Moonly for SEO optimization, on every page is added a sidebar with the latest blog posts on Moonly, a description of a project that you can see on mouse hover, monitoring Solana network tps added in the header, the admin dashboard is much improved in order to make the work of our virtual assistants easier and much more!

              Weekly devs progress:

              • Added missing columns to the transaction table
              • Resolved the “total NFTs and holding” issue
              • Fixed migration (Live DB issue)
              • Researched DB error issues
              • Fixed an issue on holder verification and deployed
              • Fixed transaction table CSS
              • Finished description section for “Upcoming pages”
              • Updated Moonly Ghost blog engine
              • Fixed an issue with the DB backup utility
              • Investigated token-tracker service

              Staking (Locking):

              • Rewritten “reward calculation logic”
              • Update UI on Staking creation
              • Update reward value interval
              • Worked on js function for calculating claimable reward
              • Fixed failed to fetch tokens from the backend
              • Investigated “mint & freeze” authority (updated description and added functionality)
              • Added a switch button on Stake & Reward page
              • Added fallback UI in the staking/admin page when the user is not logged in
              • Tested attribute creation by importing the latest DB
              • Created seed script and modal to generate attributes
              • Created a resolver and query for getting attributes

              Portfolio Tracker:

              • Cleaned up PT code
              • Worked on PT / Sync collections and tokens
              • Worked on PT / Dynamic updates
              • Worked on PT / Expanded on-demand scraping
              • Implemented dynamic update for PT stats and transactions
              • Optimized PT page with server-side rendering
              • Showed tokens in possession for any wallet
              • Implemented caching for portfolio stats
              • Refactored front-end code for portfolio stats

              Check out our latest blog post: Genesis Files for Bankruptcy Protection: Here’s What We Know


              Updated upcoming project pages:






              Upcoming NFT projects to mint:




              Minted projects worth mentioning:





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                January 31, 2023 at 8:45am

                Moonly weekly progress update #34

                Hello everyone, how was your weekend? We are still in the testing phase, doing some minor adjustments and removing some bugs! Be patient friends, good days are coming!

                Weekly devs progress:

                • Merge and deploy frontend updates
                • Tested and fixed the issue of displaying the previous verification rule
                • Fixed the logic for the holder notification message
                • Fix the issue of merging accounts during account linking
                • Debugged and fixed issues on wallet-checker
                • Changed DB structure and modified logic to fix the Discord role issue
                • Investigated the total holding value issue and fixed it
                • Inserting and connecting NFTs, and tokens with the Discord server
                • Fixed all PR-related issues
                • Finishing discord bot page
                • Fixed search bar issue
                • Fixed overlay issue for secondary description
                • Fixed search on trait type dropdown
                • Explored the token metadata update
                • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority
                • Work in progress about tracking previously assigned roles

                Staking (Locking):

                • Created a model for the Attributes
                • Re-Adjusted resolver for the Attributes model
                • Refactored Staking Creations and added a new way of selecting a trait
                • Created DB migration
                • Implemented “Trait Remove” from the UI
                • Update smart contract for supporting two values
                • Implemented resolver and related logic for getting reward trait for staking the NFT
                • Implemented trait reward in the smart-contract
                • Created “Seed script” and seeded testing data with attributes
                • Explored the token metadata update
                • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority

                Portfolio Tracker:

                • Improved retrying logic of wallet-checker, tested and deployed
                • Sync Moonly DB to the Big DB
                • Disassemble the old RAID on the RPC server and created the new one
                • Small fix for re-queueing failed tasks in wallet-checker
                • Merge and deploy the latest changes

                Upcoming NFT projects to mint:




                Minted projects worth mentioning:





                Check out our latest blog post: What Are Stablecoins and Why Do They Exist?


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                  February 7, 2023 at 9:39pm

                  Moonly weekly progress update #35 Hello amazing people, I hope everyone feels great!

                  Portfolio Tracker, Staking as a service, and Discord bot are one week closer to achieving our goal. We are happy that people will really gain a lot from these new features!

                  Weekly devs progress:

                  • Researched how we can display discord relink message
                  • Made DB changes and implemented functionality for this feature
                  • Fixed some design issues on the profile and login page
                  • Investigated role issue on the Discord bot
                  • Fixed discord-bot deployment issues
                  • Deployed mints scraper on RPC server
                  • Investigated an issue about contradictory rule setup
                  • Tested and deployed the latest changes on the Discord bot (HVB)
                  • Checked the progress of scraping, did minor fixes

                  Staking (Locking):

                  • Edit metadata functionality added
                  • Data caching was added for getting tokens
                  • Fixed rendering issue
                  • Added creator field in token creation
                  • Updated Token Create/Update Form for UI
                  • Give a Reward boost based on the current time passed for reward per day(Smart-Contract)
                  • Give Reward for Reward Boost even when the boost period is not complete
                  • Calculated Real-time reward on frontend
                  • Show all time of staked on hover in seconds
                  • Added Pagination For Staking Nft Page
                  • Fixed a bug related to the pagination component
                  • Fixed date formatting on NFT-card
                  • Fixed removing trait reward when it’s not available in the DB
                  • Show special trait item on Nft-Item if matches with collection
                  • Fixed fetch error when it aborted with page refresh

                  Portfolio Tracker:

                  • Relinked transactions to tokens
                  • Removed transactions that cannot be tied to tokens
                  • Deployed changes on the RPC server
                  • Investigated and fixed PT’s different holding value issue
                  • Fixed Token Tracker Postgres deadlock issue
                  • Started implementing simple workers for scraping mints

                  Upcoming NFT projects to mint:





                  Minted projects worth mentioning:





                  Check out our latest blog post: Binance to Suspend All USD Transfers this Week


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                    February 14, 2023 at 12:27pm

                    Moonly weekly progress update #36

                    Last week we silently released our Sales/Listing Discord Bot in production. In addition to sales events, it shows listing and delisting, but in the future, it will also show other types of events like transfers, staking, etc.

                    The sales bot is nothing spectacular, but it’s an important step in our set of tools that we will release for projects and communities.

                    What is next?

                    Probably this week, we will do the first production test on our Holder Verification Bot (HVB), and we will need your help. We tested it out on DEVNET for a while, but the best feedback will be from real people in a real environment. So please stay tuned for that, and help us test HVB out. After that, we can release it for other Discord servers and compete with Matrica.

                    We improved our SaaS (Staking as a Service) a lot. It might be released in production by the end of February or earlier. Had a call with the founder of an interesting upcoming project, and when I showed him what we built, he was very interested in using our service. His mint is happening at the end of February, and that is why we gonna aim to release it by then. In addition to SaaS, we are releasing a simple but useful no-code Token Creation Tool that will come in handy for many upcoming projects.

                    Portfolio Tracker functionality is mostly in place. The only thing we are dealing with right now is collecting missing 1.4B (billion) of data. Currently, we are collecting data at a speed of ~20–30M (millions) per day, which is a lot, but it would still take around ~2 months to collect full data. So, currently working on it to scale it at least 3–5x times. This data will not be used only for Portfolio Tracker (PT) but in other features, we are currently building and the one that will be built after it. So it’s very important to finally finish that part.

                    We are working on adding automation on Moonly for the buy, listing, and other types of events on multiple marketplaces. We got our API approved by MagicEden and HyperSpace. We have positive experiments and results, and after that is implemented, we gonna work on buying automation, AKA sniping bot. I am excited to see how that will work on Moonly.

                    We are secretly (not secret anymore) working on importing tens of thousands of ETH collections on Moonly and providing the same data and tools for this blockchain. We had this idea from the beginning, and you probably noticed that we are serving upcoming projects for multiple blockchains, including ETH, but not market stats. This gonna be a massive deal for Moonly, as we gonna attract a lot of eyes to Moonly and Solana collections as well. We are already ranking well for many keywords on Solana space; now we gonna take a piece of the pie for the ETH.

                    We are cooking something secretly that only a few of us know. We will let you know once we release those tools developed for months. It’s gonna play an essential part for the Moonly foundation and its holders.

                    Many minor things that I have no time to discuss over the announcement, but it is an excellent addition to Moonly.

                    Our high-level goal is to release those tools and lock down the access to the founders of the project that only hold X number of Moonly NFT (at the current FP 20+ NFT), partner with them, gain exposure by providing value to their communities, and be very competitive in this space.

                    Once we achieve this, the demand for the Moonly NFT will go up, listing down, which will naturally lead to an increase of FP, more value to the holders, better recognition in the space, and overall more opportunities.

                    Remember this. We are going wide and slow, so it takes some time to release this stuff. But once we do it, it will open doors to many incredible things.

                    Be good, take care, and don’t stop believing in Moonly. Otherwise, you will be the guy who was so close, but …

                    Upcoming NFT projects to mint:





                    Minted projects worth mentioning:





                    Check out our latest blog post: Crypto Tanks, as SEC Cracks Down on Kraken


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                      February 21, 2023 at 5:04pm

                      Moonly weekly progress update #37

                      Hello everyone, I hope you all are feeling great! Another busy week went by and we are eager to release our new features on Moonly! Here is just a brief summary of what we have accomplished in the past week.

                      Weekly devs progress:

                      • The logic component for nonregistered users finished
                      • Finished overlay for non-registered users and implemented it in the monitor table
                      • Fixed upcoming NFT dropdown component issue
                      • Fixed NFT collection edit form bug
                      • Made DB changes, migrated data and inspected results with changes
                      • Made necessary changes to the codebase to adjust the improved DB structure
                      • Implemented caching for trait API
                      • Changed DB structure for metadata and made changes to the codebase

                      Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

                      • Fixed an HVB issue during role assessment
                      • Made changes to mints-scraping to migrate traits during token creation
                      • Design fixation on moonly-bot frontend
                      • Made a script to migrate traits and solved different issues of it
                      • Fixed unique trait type and value combination issues on HVB

                      Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

                      • Created a separate doc for Ethereum scraper
                      • Researched how we can prevent the slug duplications
                      • Created a script to fix the slug duplication on the collection
                      • Created a custom script to publish & unpublished all collections

                      Staking (Locking):

                      • Unstake All at once with a single button
                      • Fixed Nft Item fallback issue
                      • Refactored Reward Increment state
                      • Researched reading tx data for verification purposes

                      Portfolio Tracker:

                      • Recalibrate scraper with different time/IDs number/replicas values
                      • Eliminated potential memory leak issue
                      • Thorough debugging of the token tracker in an effort to increase its performance
                      • Maintenance and monitoring of token tracker
                      • Setting up a database on RPC to speed up metadata->traits data migration
                      • Fixed several issues with the trait migration script

                      Upcoming NFT projects to mint:




                      Minted projects worth mentioning:





                      Check out our latest blog post: Rugpulls-A Quick Guide


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                        February 28, 2023 at 5:45pm

                        Moonly weekly progress update #38

                        Hello guys, here is another weekly progress update. Staking as a service and holder verification bot are at their final stage. A lot of testing has been done and very soon you will be able to check them on Moonly and give us your feedback!

                        Weekly devs progress:

                        • Made UI changes on the submit-NFT page
                        • Reproduced the error for the NFT page form
                        • Working on removing duplicate issues of moonly’s live feed
                        • Debug and fix Moonly being overloaded by unoptimized DB queries
                        • Fixed a wallet issue through the quick-node endpoint
                        • Improved NFT suggestion feature for all chains
                        • Fixed import issue and sorting issue
                        • Investigated and solved subscription errors on the sales bot feature

                        Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

                        • Fixed unique trait type and value combination issues on HVB
                        • Implemented basic logging on moonly-bot codebase
                        • Added logger in more areas of the codebase of moonly-bot
                        • Handled no-NFT edge case on front-end
                        • Implemented two dropdown approaches
                        • Implemented APIs and modified existing codebase

                        Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

                        • Refactored frontend UI & backend Gql resolver
                        • Researched the filter by slug feature & created an issue with it
                        • Deploy eth scraper to simulated production
                        • Added blockchain filter select component
                        • Fixed the scraper's ETH production build problem
                        • Fixed the blockchain slug issue

                        Staking (Locking):

                        • Fixed two bugs related to batchClaim
                        • Finished server-side redirection when the user is not logged in
                        • Merged staging into feat/stake and resolved conflicts
                        • Migrated Transaction-Validation To Graphql-Resolver
                        • Fixed a bug of batch staking
                        • Researched and Tested query optimization
                        • Re-Implemented backend resolver for fetching trait and value
                        • Re-Structured frontend stake managing for backend changes
                        • Investigating “on-day reward” calculation logic
                        • Working on allowing Nft to un-stake when the collection is inactive
                        • Updated UI and MultiSelect for inactive collection un-stake

                        Upcoming NFT projects to mint:





                        Minted projects worth mentioning:





                        Check out our latest blog post: Coinbase Plans to Suspend BUSD Trading


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                          March 7, 2023 at 10:55am